Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To wait, or not to wait....

We have about 3 weeks until the BIG ultrasound. The one where we find out if I should get out all of the pink clothes, or the blue ones. The one where we make my oldest daughter very happy, or convince her another brother will be oh so fun. With our first three kiddos, we made finding out pink or blue a surprise till the very end. It was wonderful! The suspense, the anticipation, the driving people crazy because we didn't find out. It was so amazing laying on the table and waiting for the doctor to tell me who that new little cry belonged to.
But.. this time.. we aren't so sure we can wait. I feel the need to be prepared this time for everything. I want to prepare the kids so they feel more involved.
But... this is my last one. Can't I wait and be surprised just one more time? That feeling of not knowing is so wonderful and yet drives me nuts. Ugh....

So, I would like to know what you all think. Did you find out? Did you wait? What was the best part about it? I think we know what we will do, but it's nice to hear what others think too =)


  1. Well I say since you have one of each at least you may as well wait because you have some of each stuff to dig out....look who is talking....someone who couldn't wait to find out! GOOD LUCK and we are pretty excited to see that little belly grow!

  2. Don't think about finding out as losing the "surprise" factor -- you're still surprised! We found out the gender with all four of our babies, and I do not regret it. We were able to refer to him/her by his/her name, choose clothing with him/her in mind, get siblings to feel more connected, etc. We were still surprised when laying eyes on him/her for the first time... it's still a very magical moment!! Either way, you'll be thrilled!! My vote is GO FOR IT! :)